Sunday, May 17, 2009

Surprise! ... Not really...

So I'm sure at least a few people in the world have wondered just where in the hell Part 4 of Elseworlds has been. I know there's been nothing but excuses and excuses from our end (while all being legitimate reasons... we have one more "excuse"). Our 2nd camera broke a few months back (severe tape lodged in deck... stupidly severe)... It really is starting to feel like fate, in that the comic gods do not want us to finish this project.

But we refuse to give into that bs.

I've been doing my boring day job in order to build up cash flow to get this guy repaired and should hopefully have him back to me in a week or two. In the meantime, we've been working on something else Elseworlds related to keep our minds active on the project.

We'll be releasing a comic rendition of the entire series once it's all said and done (We might do a parts 1-3 book and a parts 4-6 book). We hope people might get a kick out of it. Anyways, I promise you, hang in there with us and we'll get the rest of the series out there soon enough.

I can't think of a witty closing to this post.