Sunday, July 20, 2008

Episode 4 Still being worked on

Sorry about the delay guys. The writer (Alex) is still trying to wrap his head around what all is going down in episode 4. As soon as he gets the script to me, we'll be shooting it and hopefully have it ready for you within the week. They say you can't rush art... But I'm about to rush Alex hah.

On a side note, DC Elseworlds was actually shouted out on Raging Bullets: A DC Fan Podcast

You can listen to the mp3 segment here

Also, you should continue to check out Sean and Jim's (the genius's behind Raging Bullets) podcast's because they're great. We'll actually be going on their show later in the week to talk with them more about what we're doing with the whole elseworlds project and what to expect.

As always, thanks for checking it out guys and once again, I'm hoping to have the next episode out asap! (Part 4 will be pretty effects heavy). Until then, keep checking back for updates and cool behind the scenes clips/pics.



Anonymous said...

How's it going guys!? I'm missing my Elseworlds fix ; ) I hope all is well. Keep up the good work!

X3i said...

Hah, things are goin great. We have the new script for episode 4 and are shooting again today. We're hoping to have it ready in the next week and a half!

natasha said...

hey guys..check out this hilarious webseries I found the other day...its about this bum who
gets stuck in the nintendo game version of legend of far the funniest thing ive seen in
weeks.. it out!!!