Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hey all,

As you've probably realized, the Elseworld series we're doing has been on hold. This was mainly to fault with two things.

1.) The external hard drive which held all of the video files for Elseworlds, broke. Which sucks because all of the episodes (in full quality) were on the hard drive as well. I'm working on having that restored right now. Good news is that we have another hard drive now for the time being. But then that leads me to...

2.) Our Panasonic DVX100a, which we shoot all of the Elseworlds on, broke. Out of the blue! For some reason it wont record or playback any video at all. The camera turns on and everything else is fine with it besides for the recording/playback... which as you know... is kind of the main importance of the camera haha. I'm having the camera being looked at right now.


We have a replacement for the time being and should be able to continue production on the last half of the webseries this month. You have no idea how badly we've been waiting to get the rest of the episodes out ha. Sorry again for the delay and we'll have these episodes out to you all as soon as possible!

Just so you don't have to search, here are the current episodes as follows:

DC Elseworlds Part One: "Fair Play"
DC Elseworlds Part Two: "Titans"
DC Elseworlds Part Three: "What's in a name?"

- Chris


Greg said...

Man, that is rough, but I know what you guys are going through(have to compare stories later ha) I guess we will just have to settle for smallville and Heroes until our favorite series returns

X3i said...

I wish "favorite series" haha. We have fun (yet small) Heroes project that will be coming out here soon as well. It'll be cool to see peoples reactions.

Greg said...

How goes the repairs?

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I just found this magnificent work you've been producing. I'm quite impressed and I really hope you can solve your issues.

You're doing great work here!

I linked you in my blog as well, not that you might need the extra traffic, lol.

X3i said...

Hey many thanks Chris! I'm glad you're liking it. Also another big thanks for the link on your blog. We're always down for people helpin to spread the word ha.

We have a few more scenes to finish up. Our other DVX's heads are dirty so it's being cleaned right now. I can't wait to get this episode out tho because I really think it will top the past 3. I hope... ha

Thanks for the support again everyone!

Saranga said...

ComicsalltoorealChris link worked as I found my way here.
This looks like a fantastic idea! From the stills the actors look perfect, I shall be stopping over when I have more time and ingesting all the goodness!
Fangirl excitement coming right up...

Chris - Elseworlds said...

Hey many thanks Saranga! I hope you'll enjoy the episodes :) Part 4 will be out in mid Jan everyone. I PROMISE!